Master Coaching

  • I want to take the Project Management PMP® Exam but I don’t know where to begin
  • I’ve accepted a new role and I am required to pass the PMP® Exam ASAP
  • My company is progressive and now requires that I am PMP® Certified
  • I’ve already taken the PMP® Exam and failed and I need a method that works
  • I’m already a Project Manager but I want to make 20% more as a Certified Project Manager
  • I’m not a Project Manager yet, but I want to become certified in order to move into a Project Management role quicker
  • I want to attract more clients to my business by becoming a Certified Project Manager

Especially good for:

Job seekers,  In need of required 35 Contact Hours, Anyone overwhelmed with the Exam Process, Need to Pass the Exam the 1st Time, already Failed the Exam, In need of an Accountability Coach.

  • 14 PMP® Exam Weekly Coaching Emails
  • 7 x 60 min Performance Coaching Sessions
  • PMP® Exam Assessment
  • Downloadable Worksheets
  • The Smart PMP® Exam Study Guide
  • Complete PMP® Exam Application: Step-by-Step
  • The Smart PMP® Exam Tracker
  • PMP® Exam Cheat Sheet
  • PMP® Exam Mid-Point Evaluation
  • Pre-PMP® Exam Coaching Session
  • Post-PMP® Exam Coaching Session
  • The Smart PMP® Project Management Resume

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