PMP® Exam Test Passers: Lessons Learned

pexels-photo-327533Although most people that have a slightly varied story about their experience with the PMP® Exam, there are a few things that have proven to be common and true amongst a large majority. Check out some of the lessons learned from those who have passed the PMP® Exam.
1. Make a PMP® Exam Study Plan – Establish a study plan that fits into your schedule and keep with it.
2. Read the Guide – The PMBOK® Guide contains the essentials for a great part of that exam question, so it’s important to completely recognize and understand the terms and ideas.
3. Take PMP Sample Exams – Taking the sample exams allows you to hone in and dedicate your remaining study hours to the sections that you are having the most trouble with.
4. Make the Most of Your PMP Study Time – Passing the PMP® exam takes an incredible amount of studying. So it’s important to use any extra time you may have throughout your day to take a look at notes or the actual guide.
5. Be Confident About Passing the PMP® Exam – You have to have full trust in yourself. Self-confidence is a major key in passing the exam.
6. Manage Your PMP® Exam Time – Four hours may seem like ample time to complete the exam, but you may be surprised. Effectively pace yourself so that you don’t find yourself running out of time in the end.

For more tips like this, schedule your FREE 15-minute consultation with one of our certified PMP® coaches today! We’ve been there and we are here to help!

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