PMBOK® 6th Edition Has Been Released

pexels-photo-46274So if you’re a PM or certified PMP you should know what the PMBOK® is. But for those who may not, the PMBOK stands for “Project Management Body of Knowledge” and it’s essentially a collection of the best practices, guidelines, and technologies in the project management industry. Now because this industry is ever evolving, new editions of the PMBOK®  are regularly released. And most recently, we’ve received the 6th edition. The Smart PMP®  is here to share some of the upgrades in the new version of the guide.

  1. The addition of Agile: As we’re sure you are aware, Agile has become a huge part of the business and past editions featured a lot of helpful information. But this time around, the PMBOK® has added a completely separate practice guide solely dedicated to the agile methodologies.
  2. Additional processes: Of course this shouldn’t come as a surprise. There are 49 processes in the 6th edition opposed to the 47 in the 5th.
  3. New emerging practices: Contrary to the previous PMBOK® Guide editions which discussed general good practices, the 6th edition also features new upcoming practices and tools.

These are just a few of the many great additions that you’ll find in the 6th PMBOK®  with Agile.

Do yourself a favor and order yours today! Only $99.00 for non-PMI members (active members receive a discounted price). Quite a small price to pay for the career advancements that this gem will help bring you. We want to see you succeed so don’t think that you have to face this alone. The Smart PMP® is here to for you! Whether it’s just one section that you seem to have trouble in or you need help from start to finish. Schedule your free 15-minute consultation call today!

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