Project Management Mistakes

pexels-photo-133021Every single project you approach is different from the last and no two projects can be handled in the same manner. But there are some things that are a MUST in every single project that you involved with to ensure success. So many projects, so much mismanagement. Take a look at some of the most common project management mistakes.

  • Failing to meet with the team and set expectations from the very start. Your team needs to know exactly what you are expecting of them as their leader.
  • Not setting priorities. You have to prioritize your projects. Otherwise, you’ll constantly put off task after task, and before you know it, everything will begin to fall behind.
  • Thinking that project management is all there is to it. You must remember, project management means people management as well.
  • Not communicating with the team on a consistent basis. Be sure to always to set regular times to meet, that way you’re able to keep tabs on everything that’s being done and make sure that you’re on schedule.
  • Allowing changes to get out of hand. Try to stay as close to the plan as possible to avoid missing your deadline.

To make these mistakes is not to say that you are a bad project manager. Some of the best PMs make mistakes. And although your recovery is important, it’s always better to practice good habits that will help you avoid these road blocks. This is what The Smart PMP is here for! We want to help better you as a project manager or certified PMP. Schedule your free 15-minute consultation today and see how much our professional coaching services can help take your career to the next level.

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