Project Manager Dilemmas: What Would You Do?

pexels-photo-105472Imagine this: You have a MAJOR project that is due and you are currently three days behind schedule. Your team has agreed to work through the weekend, along with any extra hours necessary to get the timeline back on track. Lo and behold, you receive a text from your sponsor. She’s been out of the country for the last couple weeks and wants an update. And mind you, everything was running smoothly and right on track the last time she heard. So, what should you tell her?

You consider the following options:

A. Tell her everything is fine because you feel confident that everything will indeed be fine. At least this is what you believe to be true. Why get her upset? Maybe her text message was just to inform you that she’s returned.

B. Reply that you will schedule some catch-up time with her for Monday. By the time Monday comes, you’ll be ready with your project overview and provide her with the status. At this point, your team has completed the necessary work and has everything back on schedule…hopefully.

C. Ignore her text until later in the weekend and then once you are back on track send her an update. Typically, within a corporate culture, a text is never considered to be “formal communication.” There have been several times when you’ve texted your sponsor and did not receive a response for at least 24 hours. Perhaps your waiting is justified, in the case. This will allow you to see how much you and your team are able to get done. And once the work week begins, you should be able to deliver some good news.

D. Tell her the truth about the status and the plan. Let her know that you are behind schedule by a few days, but you have a plan in place to get everything back in line by Monday. Your explanation may call for a lengthy text, but if this is her preferred method of communication, then so be it. But on the other hand, a phone call or email may be a better option.

What do YOU think? Would you pick one of the above or none of the above? What would YOU do?

Most good PMs and PMPs will know the best option to choose. But if you are completely stumped, a good coaching session with a certified PMP may be a good idea. Schedule your FREE 15-minute consultation with us today at

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