Phases Involved in a Project

pexels-photo-416405With any project, there are a number of phases that have to happen. But of course, this fact is considered project management 101…or at least it should be. But there are some out there, whether you’re just a project manager or a certified PMP, that may not know exactly what the phases are. Fortunately, The Smart PMP is here with a small refresher course for you.

Initiation –  Starting from the very top, the initiation is the synopsis of the entire project along with a tentative strategy that will be used to reach the desired goal.

Planning – This is the outline of the step by step process, tasks to be assigned, and who they will be assigned to from beginning to end.

Execution – Sometimes referred to as the control, is the predetermined solution that is executed to resolve the specific problem as described in the project’s guidelines.

Closure – An official written document reviewing the project and consists of an official acceptance from the client, a comparison between the final product delivered against requirements initially specified by the client (also known as Weighted Critical Measurements), resources, lessons learned, as well as an official project closure notification for upper management.

And here you have it as simple as that. When you have all of these pieces in your project, you should be golden.

If you’re still left with questions, the experts at The Smart PMP are here for you. You can set up your appointment for your free 15-minute consultation today and be well on your way to prominent career growth!

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