Refocusing Your Team

teamworkAs a PM or a certified PMP, you are assigned the task of gathering a team and getting something done in an effective and efficient manner. Now this process to reaching that particular objective can be quite long and strenuous and some may stray. But it’s up to you to ensure that you team stays focused and continues to push forward toward the goal. But how, you ask? Take a look at some of the best ways to refocus your team.

  • Acknowledge: Help your team acknowledge that there is a problem for themselves.
  • Draw: Draw a physical image and keep it visible.
  • Hear: Practice active listening skills.
  • Identify: Have your team find and identify each other’s strengths.
  • Meditate: Utilize meditation techniques to hear each and find solutions.
  • Mentor: Bring in positive mentors to help guide your team.

Leading a group of individuals to a common goal can prove to be quite difficult, but we know that you can handle it! Take these tips and try them out for yourself, you’ll be surprised. The team at The Smart PMP want to see to it that you succeed and move in a positive direction within your career.

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