What the Heck is a Project Manager?

What the Heck is A Project Manager?

A quick Google search of “What is a Project Manager?” returns almost 200 Million answers.  Let’s break this question down to its simplest form. Let’s start with a Project.


Project Managers can be found in just about any industry around the world.

Everything starts with a Project, and part of the staffing of a project is the selection of a project manager.

Project Manger

Project Managers are typically assigned to temporary, unique projects, and are not only responsible for keeping the team on track, but also motivating, directing and guiding a project to completion. Project managers ask for input throughout the project and provide updates on the project’s status.

Essentially, project managers are considered the “go-to” person for anything related to the specific task at hand.

Certified Project Manger

The Project Management Professional (PMP®) is a global Project Management certification.  Employers usually refer to Project Management Professionals as Certified PMP’s (because it’s way easier to say).

All Certified PMP’s sit for the PMP® Exam that is given by the Project Management Institute (PMI). PMI is the only institute in the world that can certify Project Managers.

The exam is no easy feat, and many professionals choose to use a Project Management Coach to help them pass the exam. Certified Project Managers usually get paid 30% more than Project Managers who are not certified.

The average pay for a certified PMP® is $108,200 and it varies for different industries – Construction: $96,488, Director of Project Management is $135,000, as well as hundreds of other titles according to the 2016 PMI Project Management Salary Survey – Sixth Edition.

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