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Project Manager Dilemmas: What Would You Do?

Project Manager Dilemmas: What Would You Do?

August 17, 2017

You have a MAJOR project that is due and you are currently three days behind schedule. Your team has agreed to work through the weekend, along with any extra hours necessary to get the timeline back on track.

Phases Involved in a Project

Phases Involved in a Project

August 10, 2017

But there are some out there, whether you’re just a project manager or a certified PMP, that may not know exactly what the phases are.

Having an Effective Project Management Plan

Having an Effective Project Management Plan

August 3, 2017

From the very moment you are assigned a new project, you have to begin thinking of a master plan that will guarantee an effective and efficient solution for those who need it. But how does one get to the finish line without a few bumps in the road as possible? Put pen to paper When […]

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Michele B. | Healthcare Manager

I needed assistance with developing a solid game plan to align my goals with my career. During the coaching calls, you were ready to share your proven tips, seasoned information, and sincere encouragement to reinforce the truth that aligning my career goals can become my reality.  Thank you for sharing a strategy that I can commit to with ease.

Master Coaching

Johnny T. | Project Coordinator

I was able to clearly understand and follow through the steps of the PMP Exam Coaching. I also appreciated the downloadable documents and pdf’s that came along with the coaching. It is in my best recommendation that those who are pursuing their PMP certification, this is the best coaching program.

Master Coaching

Edith H. | Human Resource Recruiter

Honestly, I was having doubts about going through with getting my PMP certification. As I was researching the PMP and what it would entail to be successful, I was feeling overwhelmed. A friend of mine who PASSED her PMP exam referred me to this website, which she used as a tool to prepare for her exam.